Ebay Hong Kong ?

It should be noted just how many sellers are in HK, Hong Kong. Often they HIDE the fact and use =default= = default= as location. Watch that as its a huge collection of sellers working together. There are also many many that say location Gemany or USA but are in fact in Hong Kong.

I agree they sell very very cheap, but the grade of goods are often equally cheap or in some case FAKE.

I almost bought a camera CF card last night, seller had a 97.6% rating yet around 24500 feedbacks!!!! alert alert, so look at their profile and you’ll see 100 odd negatives or more a month and equally more nuetrals. people complain the seller is NOT in USA as stated but HK, and the goods are inferior and shit.

Drifting through many other profiles I see most get a wrap for selling reprogrammed flash memory 8GB cards that are in real 512KB!!!!!

This is NOT true that everyone sells shit or faked stuff. But you should watch out. 0.01c ‘buy it now’ and 23.99 postage! refund if it does not arrive? 0.01c i’m guessing.

The major major problem with buying from Hong Kong ebayers is they lie about postage times. 99% LIE. they charge you AIRMAIL rate and they say 5-10 business days delivery. What they ALL do is put it via land/sea and it takes 20-30 days ! Litterally the slow boat from China.

I’ve had good and bad getting stuff from HK. But i imagine its an enormous organisation with 100’s of little sweat shops packing and loading. wording adverts feedbacks …. seem to be the same seller across many accounts.

Good deals to be had, but look harder before you buy. and expet a month or 6wks delivery.

One item previously purchased went faulty and i got a lovely email however so not all are crap.
my friend.
Thank you for your email.
Sorry our product trouble you so much.Maybe there is something wrong with it.

but we have very carefully examined before shipped out.

since the international aimail fee beyond the item itself.

how about we half refund you without asking you to return the item?

we are looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.

we apologize again!

it’s my honor to serve for you.

you are welcome and have a nice day.


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  1. chanda95 says:

    Good to know..I don’t shop on e-bay but if I do I’ll keep that in mind..

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