French taste alert…

Another delve through various adverts to produce this collection of horrors.

French have fuck all taste. Houses for sale are either NEVER updated since the year of construction 1940 -50 -60 etc or clearly too small for all the crap to be stored.

enjoy…… cool features, tasteful bathrooms and internal deccor you know you really want ……

spot the spacious living room.. you trip over on the way to the kitchen.
spot the refurbished bathroom… errr sink.
spot the feature staircase ….. well try at least……

the bathroom that can be anyway up or round ….. pink mats hint which is correct way.

visit ikea with no ideas how to upgrade your hallway…… stick on vinyls errrrmmm… …… i hope they come off!

My fave is the well. what could you do with such an amazing feature? glaze it over and put the shittiest table ever over it!! obvious..


2 Responses to French taste alert…

  1. chanda95 says:

    I’d say the americans were better..but I’d be lying..but eww….yeah…none of those were in good taste at bathrooms make me want to barf…NASTY

  2. nookie says:

    yes pink is perhaps my least favorit after shit brown for bathrooms. I think white suits should be internationally by law made mandatory.

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