Afternoon naps

I dont often partake the napping in the afternoon, but with little else to do today i slipped into one.

Why do you fall into such a deep sleep in the afternoon???

I can sleep 12hrs at night wake up feeling quite shit but aware and ready to begin the day (remaining).

Not after a 30min snooze in the afternoon though…… i wake feeling lost confused, my mouth dry like someones been at it with a hair dryer or sand paper. I cant remeber what day it is or time, i’m convinced i’ve slept through and lost a day …… etc etc


One Response to Afternoon naps

  1. chanda95 says:

    I don’t do that. I can’t sleep when there is daylight unless I am sick and even then I just doze. I do have to say though that if I do nap/doze I always, always feel worse when I wake up..

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