brief list of where was i?

Gone for around 15 months end 2007 until 2009.
Those that care, here is a list of what I did.

go thown out of where i was living (evicted of sorts).
went fishing .
helped cut wood in forest.
drove a tractor.
dragged a trailer.
reversed a trailer (yeah well i still cant, attempt 699.8 and i gave up)
helped cut a suicide attempt down (hanging) (that everyone thought was me!!!)
sang karioke.
stopped drinking (tea total utterly now).
went on kids fairground rides (others drunk not me).
did sexy dancing very very pissed off french at local event…. english decided music was morbid and boring so we sexed it up….. people still mention it.
towed a caravan.
improved my spoken french about 300000000000%.
totally made a garden from waste land to finished.
caused a fight.
broke up a fight.
slapped a bigger guy for trying to cause another fight.
found a really nice friend who has helped me throughout perhaps the worst times.
visited a prison twice.
refused to do the census.
refused to pay tax (still refusing in fact…… i wont budge)
painted all the outside shutters.
washed the car (its an event really)

not a lot but the events of a boring life where money is never much, and there is nothing to do even if it was.

Still cannot believe I sang karioke SOBER!!!!!


4 Responses to brief list of where was i?

  1. chanda95 says:

    You certainly have led an eventful life in that duration…um…can you expand on some of your experiences? I am sure they are fascinating…you could do an individual blog for each event..spread out over time of course…I would so be interested in reading it…PLEASE nookie…pretty please????

  2. nookie says:

    i dont like people to beg, and i refuse to accept it from you…………


  3. chanda95 says:

    fine..I don’t want to hear what you have to say anyway…hmmph

  4. nookie says:

    and now you gonna turn tables and make me beg to tell ya …. i know


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