Is it just me?

effin coloured security text codes. I type as shown and its never correctletters I dunno it pisses me OFF big time. “to continue please fuck around for 20mins trying to get this right; HHhytFRD564564JHgtyrdrtdsrtttyrtrdrtdrrtdtytyftytyppoopo00o0oggtytyFFFx” and of course it always looks like its been shoved up someones arse crumpled and a mess.

I have managed after attempt 5 and one pissed off email, managed to contact Acer to discover fuck all has so far been done to repair my PC. Dear Acer Y°µ r A BùnCh of CÛnTs


2 Responses to Is it just me?

  1. chanda95 says:

    Yeah I hate those two…and the one you posted is actually quite legible compared to the majority of them where you have to be some sort of mind reader to figure out what in the hell they want you to type and is it capital or that a zero or just an o? I hate them big time.

  2. nookie says:

    I hate the most eg; ‘Ee’, you type that it dont work as its not case sensitive FFS!!! the screwed up ones are worse stuff inverted etc etc.

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