Garden season……. almost

I wish it’d hurry up and change. I’m champing at the bit here to start. Its gone cold and wet again. Last weekend was lovely and hot and I was so gonna do things …. I managed a leaf clear, the garden is surrounded by 4 very big oak trees and every fucking leaf that drops I get. They never blow away they just circle a bit and lodge themselves on my garden. I must have burnt a ton off last year end, and i’m starting over this month the same. Why do we have to protect fucking oak trees??? cut the bastards down, I’d rather I had more accacias than bloody boring oak. Oak leaves take on average 3 DECADES to rot down and are useless for compost.

Anywayz ; I got two nice roses in a promo at the local supermarket and a cherry tree (very small). I’m so wanting to get out there and begin……….. The season is not yet with us ;(

I need to get the soil turned and ready for the Dailia and Canna to go in, but not now its gone too wet again. grrrrrrrrrrrr


2 Responses to Garden season……. almost

  1. chanda95 says:

    Be thankful you at least have big trees nookie. I have tried and tried and tried for 10 years to get trees to grow in my yard…oaks, pines, ashes, you name it. I have one russian olive..that’s all I could make grow. I would LOVE a beautiful big oak…

    I’m getting the gardening itch too…but it’s just not time sadly.

  2. nookie says:

    all last years seeds have been saved, and last year i’d seeded all my annual flowers end of feb! dispite this winter being so bloody cold – usually meaning it faster to pass – its dragging on into this month and i so want to do things.

    you do have a very big dead tree in your yard though. the one with the OMFG bastard big fucking snake living in it!!!!! I’d so scream and perhaps even soilage would take place.

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