how much is your job worth?

General Motors = the american owner seems to be trying to let the european branch fall or to abandon it.

Fine so fuck you GM, here it called Opel and in uk its Vauxhall.

The governments are doing emergency meetings to try to save the industry. BILLIONS and BILLIONS are needed to save it. Serious shit this …… billions and billions perhaps over 150billion (170b$)

but we are only talking about 300,000 jobs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! directly and indirectly across all of europe. 300,000 job is not worth that level of panic, i’m sorry its just not. Those involved would dissagree but FIGURES people! If the industry is that fucking broke then let it fall, as continuing to save it wont work. Better car manufacturers were allowed to collapse in the 70’s and no fucker gave a shit then. To be honest GM cars are crap anyway.


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  1. chanda95 says:

    GM used to be good but as time as worn on they haven’t been able to compete with the same quality and standards as everybody else. This economy is going to slap a lot of people (especially those who have made a lot of stupid economic mistakes) in the face. It’s sad for people losing their jobs but that is unfortunately a consequence of the times. I can honestly say that if I lost my job we would be “ok” specifically because of the choices we have made up to this point. I think this is just the tip of the iceberg personally…I don’t see things improving for a long time to come and I don’t think we will ever be back to what we were..

  2. nookie says:

    You are very true ‘tip of iceberg’ its only showing us how bad its gonna be, from what is known. Still many banks and investment houses are to declare their losses. I am glad you have been level headed enough to protect yourself in your life. I have no idea how bad its gonna get here in france. many people are on 4day weeks already and lossing €s of course.

  3. chanda95 says:

    I figure we can both go on 3 and 4 day workweeks and still be able to pay for the house. We got it 10 years ago and payments are what a rent payment would be..

    If it comes to the point where I lose my job we won’t be living the highlife but we have family and if we have to (which I don’t see it happening) sell this home we will still have a roof over our heads.

    I see all these people who bought expensive homes they couldn’t afford at high interest adjustable rate mortgages. I hate to sound callous but..they asked for it. Yes the mortgage companies are partly to blame but you should never put yourself in a situation like that to begin with. If you can’t afford it then find something you can afford or don’t buy it at all. This is the “me” generation and a society of people who have never had to live without..I think this is a good wakeup call personally.

  4. nookie says:

    there is an old phrase “if you cant afford it, you dont really need it” but many people, yes, got carried away and took out more and more credit…. now they must feel ill with worry that all they strived to put on credit to look rich and wealthy will turn to shit and they’ll be back to nothing.

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