Netbook name copyright

Psion who stopped making their really shit netbook series in 2006 are claiming no-one else can use the word and are having a queenie strop over the matter.


we have NOTEBOOK and NETBOOK, whats the prob? in england they say LAPTOP for NOTEBOOK. but no word for NETBOOK.

If there is a LAPTOP smaller would be SNATCHTOP (my word dont anyone ever dare once breathe it of i’ll sue ya ass. Psion you can hoop-my-banana! another of my phrases, forbidden for use ever.

“PSION” interesting name that, not copied it from anywhere? oh and while Psion are getting crappy that everyone is using the term “Netbook”, theirs was called “netBook”…….. not the same word meaning is it?

anyone that does not know what the psion offering looked like….. here it is netbook nice eh? rare too as they sold next to fuck all of them.


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