How fast is your internet connection?

many people pay a lot of money for 1Gb/5/8 etc and get way less. My results are above ‘impressive’ eh? then i’m not on broadband, cable, satelite or the like. I’m on EDGE = lesser version of 3G+. In fact i’m bloggin away on the mobile phone network nothing more.

see what your connection speeds are and compare to what your ISP charges you and claims to be supplying !!

you can play around and use any of the servers eg:


8 Responses to How fast is your internet connection?

  1. chanda95 says:

  2. chanda95 says:

    ok..yeah..that didn’t work..try again


  3. chanda95 says:

    I can’t get the image to post nooks..mine is

    1255kbs upload
    628kbs download


  4. chanda95 says:

    Nookie..starting to get bugged. It’s not letting me post anything…

    1255 kb/s upload
    628 kb/s download

  5. chanda95 says:

    just testing..

  6. chanda95 says:

    still not working..grr…well the second post is my speeds…that’s neat..I’m glad you found that!

  7. nookie says:

    you got quite a fast connection Chanda.

    i’ll try to adjust comment section think it wont let you post html etc, i see


  8. chanda95 says:

    That one actually tested out fairly slow compared to the others I did…I’m happy with the speed…

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