Garden season starts :)

Nookie is sooosososoosososoos happy !!!! I have started my garden year. Yesterday and today bit cold but S U N la de da de la la…. digging weed ripping and effin oak leaf sweeping. Moved a whole bunch of Bearded Iris that had not been planted in the right place last year, and they are now much better possitioned. (hope).

I saved 300gazillion seeds of all sorts I had in the garden last year, saved, dried, labled and stored. Of course I have now about 300gazillion too many seeds, and nowhere to put them:!! I’m seeing donations happening, and I already know one garden they’re going in by the handful 🙂

Veg plots will be very much toned down from last year. I’d tried to be clever and grow lots and lots of different things. This year (will post plan eventually) I will be a little more selective.


5 Responses to Garden season starts :)

  1. chanda95 says: not not fair at all…you know what we have nookie? do ya? SNOW..friggen snow for the next 4 days…supposed to get between 6 and 12 inches tomorrow..AND YOUR GARDENING!!!! GRRR… least one of us is getting to enjoy the warm sunshine and being in the garden..I’ll join you in a couple of months..


  2. nookie says:

    srry sweet bits. although as harsh as your part of the world is, and as surprisingly short the summer season, you do have some very cool plants. Xeres? or is that sherry?

  3. chanda95 says:

    umm..can you post a picture or provide me with a link? I’m not sure which one your talking about..but yeah..we do have some interesting ones for sure..but then so do’s just a matter of appreciating what we have I suppose.

  4. nookie says:

    the grass is always greener. we’d soon be moaning if we swapped countries.

    Xeries or xeres oh i mean plants that grow in very dry places (new word on me) and i cant spell it either

  5. chanda95 says:

    oooohhhh…gotcha….xeriscape! yes…that is the only way to garden here because we have so very little moisture. That is actually my plan in the front yard. I am setting aside areas for my plants and then the rest I plan to put down rock. That is the typical way of doing it. LESS MAINTENANCE! LESS WATER! In fact, if you do it properly you can have an entire yard and garden that are self sufficient and rely upon only the moisture they get from the very infrequent rains. The only issue with that is that they do not grow as big. If you give ANY native plant here water it’s like watering the magic bean stalk..they get HUGE.

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