Netbook returns :) Acer sent my snatch-top back

Repaired or in fact replaced the fan unit. Seems they found a newer version that is higher pitched and even more annoying than the grating grinding fucked up original.

They updated the bois ‘they said’. why? but i guess no harm.

They have failed to mention the warping and obviously done fuck all about it either. So now I have to get stressy doing another email in order to remind them of customer services and that responding to all faults and complaints in the first place would have saved them being torn a new arse hole by electronic mail.

Being France I dont expect action too fast, but let’s see eh? Oh and they made it very clear when I sent it to them that I must use lots of protective wrap etc etc . this was done. and yet they returned it lobbed in a bigger box with fuck all protection just knocking about inside BASTARDS:!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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