House gets a number

So, my house remains the only one in the road without a number. On the original plans it was 133 then 182 (plots) then 10. Confused? well the first house in the road is number 10 (opposite side), and I was plot10! but my side of the road then got numbers and started with 23!!!! the french really are fucking dum! On the basis that one house was turned the other way this house should have been number 11, but the very first house faced the other road and so this house should then have been number 13, but for reasons only known to the drunken wankers that agreed to the numbers it does not start at number 1. The houses opposite have the wrong numbers because two houses from the previous road continue the numbers from that road dispite being built in this road.. and that road does not even start with the correct numbers either!! and through all that i’ve ended up number 33. caff_21 I’m the only house that does not show a number and I dont even bother writing the number on my address. WHY? well the local authority issue the enamel plates and refuse to give me mine as the house is not finished. They did say however I could BUY it from them at 42€…… “GET FUCKED” bastards. So I’ve found one on the lovely ebay at 4.90€ and its bigger than the issued ones and its from 1910.

You cannot normally buy these number plates they are not to be found in shops, so i’m very happy I got one and fingers up to the local authority. Should have got a different number really just to piss them off. 611 or 28, but done now.

I have no idea who actually agreed the fucked-up numbering of this road but i’m sure it took at least five wine filled meetings and faff to sort out.

Some logic to the house numbers in other roads I discovered however eg;
20,22,24,26,1246,1886,2122 etc but between 26 an 1246 is no houses. Other roads are just 2889, 3125 etc etc. mmmmm Nookie investigates to find; the houses within the village are numbered, those on the same road are measured from the village limits. Houses not in any village their number is the distance to the main road. Has logic for postman still pissed from night before to find your house I guess?


2 Responses to House gets a number

  1. nookie says:

    got my number in the post today. but after recent events i dont think i’ll even bother putting it up now

  2. chanda95 says:

    Well it looks like a neat sign anyway…surely you can do something with it?

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