Maisons Phenix, the house saga continues

I’m as stressed as fuck and wont bang on…. since 2007 I wait for state help to get this house sorted out after the crooked bastard builders ‘maisons phenix’ ripped my mother off for every last cent ending in her premature death from heart failure CAUSED BY MAISONS PHENIX.

Expectations high meeting arranged and there was ‘badly made-up woman’ as soon as i saw her i knew it was not going to be a good meeting. ‘badly made-up woman’ is a phrase i use to describe an old bag in her 50’s who clearly thinks she is 20, yet obviously does not use glasses in the mirror to trowl on the make-up! Her outfit screams “everything for a $” and the overall effect just shounts “old whore”.

badly made-up woman got hostile with me because she did not understand the fucking law even, i had to remind her. she sulked when pressed for action, and so after several attempts to get the old cunt to agree immediate action and/or demolition of the house and publicly destroying the builders needed. she griined, an almost retarded grin, smug yet pointless grin. The grin you get when you know the person is just using oxygen waiting to retire on a fucking huge state pension grin: Nookie explodes, and i dont meen slightly either. badly made-up woman almost shit herself as i punched the table in front of her.

I collected my papers, plus the huge file of all my details she had (no reason to keep it they wont help me) that was grabbed from her. she was told she was a cunt, and looked like a very aged used cheap tart.

Clear now i’m not going to get any help at all. French are weak and ineffective, the courts are, the social services are, and any state department is too.

nookie has to now decide what to do next, it might mean i’ll have to abandon this house and let it fall down (not too long needed as the quality it was built to…. french standards)…… i’m unhappy but not surprised. my mother always said ‘never depend on anyone to help’ and ‘always remember at the end of the day you are on your own’. poor woman, they killed her they wont kill me, i need to decide what i can do.


6 Responses to Maisons Phenix, the house saga continues

  1. chanda95 says:

    That really stinks nookie..but where will you go? And what about the lovely garden you have put so much into? What about the gentleman down the road who is interested in your help with his gardens? Is there anyway he can provide a bit of assistance in return for your help? I don’t know…I know you can’t rely on the system to help I am grasping at straws I suppose.

    I am glad you are standing your ground…

  2. nookie says:

    the garden has kept me my sanity, but the house is going to break me. I created the garden i’m happy i did it, and i could also walk away and do another. dunno what i’m gonna do, no one so far has been able to offer any way out.

  3. chanda95 says:

    I wish I could..but distance is sort of a barrier. I am hoping your able to get something figured out soon. You need to find a place (if you don’t stay there) with the area for a garden..and your pets..

    Is there nothing that you, yourself can do, to stabilize the house a bit? At least make it somewhat liveable?

    did you mention that the house is not wired for electricity?

    Do they have flea markets or such where you might be able to buy used, but affordable appliances..or necessities for the home?

  4. nookie says:

    sad fact is i have EVERYTHING already, i got a kitchen and all the equipment (stored all over the place), i dont need a single thing. except the electric/gas cannot be connected without cert of conformity thet the house does not have. also i need a floor, i only got sub layer, and i cant do anything. even if i get the floor put in the levels are wrong (+/- 6″) and the kitchen window too low, it’ll be below the kitchen counters FFS. nothing is right about the house nothing. it’ll take demolition to put it right.

  5. chanda95 says:

    Is it insured or insurable?

  6. nookie says:

    insured yes by the builders but the insurance AXA are bastards and say the insurance cannot be claimed on until the house is finished. at every move i make its the same thing, its how those bastard builders get away with it.

    the house and contents are insured by me awayway, but i cant use my insurance as it was taken out after the probs

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