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Interesting. I see (you can too) the operating systems and internet browsers of visitors. Seems firefox and IE are almost equal. Of great interest is the very very rare Linux (sucks) visitors and then coming a very low last being Windows Vista. Windows XP is top and for good reasons. It was crap but it now well proven and fairly sounds system, clearly Micro-soft decided that needed to change and introduce Vista, the memory zapping seriously new very great system. Of note to Vista users should be that new PCs for sale often have Vista pre-loaded and a back-up recovery disk of XP. So with Windows7 due soon I see it’s replacing XP and Vista remains the pile-o-shite you should never have got! bye bye Vista…………..


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  1. chanda95 says:

    I didn’t notice that feature until you pointed it out..that’s actually really cool. I use XP because yes…vista is utter crap and I use Firefox because Explorer is also utter crap..

    I’m curious about the new Windows version but until it has been proven as a sound, reliable system..I probably won’t convert (which will probably be when they decide to make it obsolete…)

    I hate it when they do that. In my mind “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”…Microsoft is notorious for introducing a crappy system before they have all the bugs worked out of it (heaven forbid the present a quality product) then they spend the next few years getting all the bugs out of it (this is called job security)..and when they FINALLY get a functioning system that works well and people are used to..they start all over. It really pisses me off..and people are stupid and don’t see it and spend all kinds of money on it when it’s new only to bitch about how bad it works (well duh…it’s ALWAYS been that way)…

  2. nookie says:

    I like XP i also liked 98 and more so 95. I started with 3.11 and it was good, 95 replaced it, then 98 arrived and it was not quite a good. They tried ME/2000 and that was a disaster so hello XP. I agree Its good i’m very happy XP user. I had no need or desire to go Vista. All the faff and it went very silent, in part thanks to the netbooks, as they cannot use Vista and so XP continues. The need for ultra portability must have come as a surprise? Windows7 as far as I have read is a lighter system with touch screen and obviously suited to the netbooks. That does not then mention what happens to XP (we can forget Vista, thats dead in the water).

    If W7 is supposed to replace it then new PCs should be a lot less expensive, they can run W7 with lots less memory and thus drivers and processors… we’ll see eh? Touch screen sounds fab, but simulate it on your PC and see…… you have to keep raising your arm its not user freindly its uncomfortable and surfing a long time will be an ass to use. Microsoft should think very very hard before finally ditching XP, its hard to find for sale but still just possible to get… > (apart from pre-loaded PCs and netbooks)

  3. nookie says:

    ps you can wipe your own IP number out of the live feed tool if you want as well. glad you like it

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