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so while i was in isolate and had no internet, things changed! I return to find once thronging forums dead, msn contacts gone, and various websites just no longer updated. Strange as if everyone i’d known had gone.

Many people had decided to ‘meme’ and drift into blog-worlds, which is fine and i do the same, and i really quite like wordpress so ……

Then the utter and total lack of emails seemed very bizzare indeed, almost as if some great plague had taken all the people i ever knew and took away their internet accesses.

Forums you could hardly leave for a day as the replies and banter would leave you on catch-up pages down the list. these forums just ‘nothing’ the odd lost soul in what seems to now be a very vacant WWW-land. where the fuck did everyone go?

I found my dearest and oldest net-buddy (chanda) and she’d gone over to I joined and saw its benefits, no longer do you email out pictures and updates you post them on your social spaces. Great idea, i do the same, but to a lesser audience. I’ve since joined and this is faster and smoother than myspace, but I dont know anyone there so ……. i got an account anyway.

drifting as I was finding where everyone had gone (still cannot find many people, but then hey life goes on), i discovered the socially defective 🙂 have moved into social housing schemes….. networks! was another and this is slightly confusing, its so easy and fast, you just add short sentence updates/links that your followers pick up on or and reply to. Twitter is another account i have …. in case i find someone i know. I then sniffed out allows you to make your own socially defective networks 🙂 I have created one on gardens that has, like the others, yet managed to lure any interest.

So there I must adjust my internet browsing and habits, nothing much arrives in the email anylonger, except the usual fucking junk for viagra and penis enlargements….. or casino online etc. I have joined three networks and created one, but remain the ‘billy no mates’ with a friend count of ONE (across all).

oh well……….


3 Responses to social networks………..

  1. chanda95 says:

    rofl nookie..your ahead of me..I’ve joined facebook..and I HATE it..and twitter..I am probably one of the few people on the internet realm that has never ever been there…

    I’m on one forum..and that’s it. After the most recent blowout with the judgmental bitches from hell (who have no right to be judgmental since their own lives are pretty pathetic) I’ve decided that maybe it would be a good thing if a lot of forums went “bye bye”…at least with MySpace you can monitor who you deal with and if they turn out to be royal jerks…hit the DELETE and BLOCK buttons…NICE!!!!

    I would say that you are the one and only that I have known the longest..the others are nice but I suspect (I would be surprised anyway) if they stuck around for long..such is the way of the internet and society today..people stay until you are no longer interesting and then they either attack you or move on…

    And yes, the internet has changed dramatically in such a short time..although I can remember a time before internet and *gasp* before the household pc…I’ve seen the evolution of the home computers from a little dos machine where you had to write your own programs to make the computer do some stupid shit to what it is today..I’ve been through dos, 3.1, 3.11, 95, 98, xp, vista…I think I might be missing one in there but not sure..

    I had an apple back when it was a true apple..and a tandy that plugged into my tv and had like zippo memory..

    you know what? Aside from meeting people from all over the world (you nookie) and being able to order things and have it shipped to you…and keeping in contact with people via e-mail..I often wish for the times before computers when people actually went outside, when the stayed together as a family in the evenings..children played…

    Wishful thinking on my part I suppose..

  2. nookie says:

    my break in internet has been ok, my problem was there are (you, rebecca) people i’d wanted to stay in contact with, and no net no contact. Previously i’d be glueued to the PC…. yet i find it very boring now, shame but at least I found a way to get back online and that is ok.

  3. chanda95 says:

    I have to agree, the internet does not hold the same “glue to” appeal as it used to for sure. And Rebecca does have a myspace (although she hasn’t checked it in a while) so you might want to send her a friend request. I think she has been really busy lately is my guess..

    I think there are still some good forums out just have to really hunt for them. It’s funny to see things evolve like that and to be honest I hadn’t really paid much attention until you mentioned it but I guess it’s because I haven’t had a break and have just rolled and evolved with it??

    The net still does have advantages regardless..

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