Just how many doors has that car got?

Ok this one goes back to living in england, and it seems the french are also quite capable at doing it also!

slamming car doors not once not twice but fucking zillions of times. Neighbours arggggh, I’ve counted and it was 12 times and the car has TWO doors!

Perhaps I should have opened the kitchen window and shouted “think you missed one” ! honestly that pisses me off: open the door get out shut door……………. is that too difficult?


4 Responses to Just how many doors has that car got?

  1. chanda95 says:

    ROFL!!!! Are you SURE they aren’t American????

  2. nookie says:

    no not sure but they must be blonde? “oh i forgot what i was doing in the car again, no wait i remeber, no forgot, what was it, no wait i remember, oh what was i looking for” fucking bloody doors grrrrrrr.

  3. chanda95 says:

    too bad you can’t sneak out there in the middle of the night and glue their doors shut…

  4. nookie says:

    in the past my revenge is as bad, i’ll be disturbed by their noise, i’ll wait until they are asleep….. then i’ll go find things in my car………… and perhaps accidentally hit the hoorn a few times doing so. in UK there was a family where the children just screamed and screamed in the garden, but in the evening the parents where only allowed in the garden… fucked up people, so during the day i’d record the screaming kids, so that i could share it with the parents later. they complained until they realised the TOP VOLUME play back was in fact their own noise being returned.

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