I feel dumn as dish water. a contact (italian) is a doctor of linguistics and although speaks perfect english, he often does not feel his written is very good. He emailed me a huge doccument to proof read, and i’ve found only grammatical errs so far…. to give you a taste however, and seriously this stuff is so far over my head I dont understand what i’m reading, but heres a little taster: a wild cut and paste out of it……:::

constitutes a piece of general information about the world relative to a given perspective, which does not directly refer to any particular entity or object, nor is it specific to particular ostensive entities.
Infons are built according to situation theory: they have a location which is made up of a couple of indices anchoring the event/state/processes to a given spatiotemporal location and a polarity. A basic infon consists of a relation together with a polarity; which in turn consists of an assignment of appropriate arguments to the argument roles of that relation.
In our system, facts may describe information relative to a subjective or an objective discourse domain: subjective facts are thus computable as situations viewed from the perspective of a given agent’s mind, in our case also corresponding to the Main Topic of discourse. On the contrary, objective facts are reported from the perspective of the text’s author. However, to highlight the difference existing between subjective and objective information in the model, we decided to call facts only objective infons; subjective infons


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  1. chanda95 says:

    Funny enough I have a dear Japanese friend who also has her PhD in Linguistics.

    Do you want to hear my take on it nookie? Too bad cause you are anyway…it’s not that you are dumb as dishwater…it’s that this shit is too damn dull. The bad part about papers such as these is that they are prepared by an individual with an intense passion for the subject and essentially a one-track mind. I was there when I was writing papers for my degree and as I look back on those papers I think they were quite possibly the dullest things I have ever done in my life, but at the time I was so into the subject that I didn’t see it.

    Scientists and those that are higher educated prefer to do these papers as an ego boost…they will argue otherwise…they will argue that it’s for their peers and for the eventual betterment of mankind but it’s a load of bull and we all know’s one avenue for them to show off their vast knowledge to their peers. It’s the nerds way of peer pressure. lol..not saying your friend is a nerd but I know mine is and no “average” person would be caught dead reading this material unless they were absolutely forced to.

    Good luck nookie, I don’t envy you one bit.

  2. nookie says:

    I have promised to help and there are more emails to come. I’ve begun not reading just looking for errors ‘scanning’ prob is I keep reading …… not on the same level to understand. Trying not to read it ……. also not much power in my battery to scan for hours so it’s bit by bit

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