so we are in a recession…..

…. the UK is about to suffer DEFLATION which is seriously bad stuff. No one has money to waste in France and the local supermarket have taken the glum events to advertise how their “saver card” previously only gaining points on own brand products, will now be extended to all products!! yay etc


sneeky bastards have upped the prices on EVERYTHING 8-12% today!!fucking bastards and i called the manager that! since 2008 prices, with this sneeky one, have upped over 100% …………; they can stuff their ‘helping the shopper” right up their arse holes! this sort of thing pisses me off so much, they must think ‘we’ are morons – a 5% point/value bonus on the ‘selected items’ each day means they gain 3-7% anyway and 8-12% on everything else; i’m beside myself at this devious advertising and taking advantage of the situation many people live in. fuck them, i’ll use another store now….. even if it cost me 5% more gaz to get there i’m still saving.


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  1. chanda95 says:

    It’s been that way for years here sadly..what pisses me off is the stupid wal-mart..I any rate…what they have done is not only upped prices (while still claiming their cheaper and people actually have brainwashed into believing it) but their packaging has gotten smaller. I get more by going to the local grocery store and spend less than I do going to that EVIL wal-mart…

    did I mention I hate wal-mart???

  2. nookie says:

    big stores get arrogant and they think we are stupid. I’m not, I see almost every month I spend more on less…. in fact I spend the same on less and less. The stores are out to fleece you and make you believe they care…. they only care about profits. I thought there were laws about upping prices on old existing stocks? I’m not adverse to ripping the shelf lable off to take it to the check-out proving the prices are wrong. They have those barcode readers in-store, often the prices are wrong, and at the check-out they go so fast you dont notice as your shopping is hurled towards you at an ever increasing rate as you scramble to pack it neatly away. Its later when you think “hang on that was expensive this time” so then you see………

  3. chanda95 says:

    That’s why I shop at them as little as possible. Not to mention the people they hire are usually (there are a few that are not) slow as moses because they are too busy chatting or trying to look at the stuff you are buying…that’s why the make mistakes here..they are talking to you and wind up ringing something up two or three times..if you catch it great..but then it takes them forever to figure out how to work the stupid machine to fix their mistake and they usually have to call a manager who’s usually just as dumb…but if you don’t catch it then your screwed out of that money…

    We have two grocery stores and I will go to them just because the people there are more efficient, the prices are better and *gasp* you can still get someone to take your cart out for you!

  4. nookie says:

    dont start me on supervisors, i’ve abandoned endless shops due to delays by the ‘brain cell club’ where no one can work out how to make a simple fucking machine delete. Once i got shoved by some bint on roller skates (supervisor) rushing to sort probs out….. she took a tumble as you tried to push past after…. dangerous that skating around with these huge queues and children, …. last time i ever saw her do that 🙂 ‘oops’ did you fall? sorry about that NOT!

    I hate shopping anyway, i am able to know the exact location of everything i need and perfom my meagre shopping in litterally seconds. Worse they then move stuff around bastards!!! I do not like shops or people or people that work in shops or the entire concept of it.

    ps we dont have wal-mart. similar but french.

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