Cats have standards too you know.?

So i cooked some jam tarts, and the cats tried to steal them (of course) got told off and i hid them. Next batch out of the oven and i was snakky so shoved one in my mouth, and we all know how hot jam/preserves can get? I spat it out along with a good coating of the burnt innerds of my mouth……….. it landed right about where the cats where sitting, and the faces! the look of disgust, the almost “how dare you” or “exactly what do you call that”? So happy to steal them when red hot yet not eat one i’ve suffered pain to cool for you AND saved you most of the effort of masticating!

I put fresh water down everyday for the cats to ignore, they’ll sample it perhaps but no they dont like it. They do like however drinking from the toilet or outside there are several water bowls normally green water and the odd dead leaf included as a garnish……. that they cant get enough of. Perhaps I could no bother changing the water and just lift the loo seat eh?


2 Responses to Cats have standards too you know.?

  1. chanda95 says:

    I’m sorry..I’m not laughing AT you…but the image you just drew is hilarious!!!! One of those classic “hidden camera” moments! And yeah..I don’t understand animals at all…although I don’t think my dogs have standards..if it falls on the floor it’s theirs..period..

    now that Christopher has come along it’s a fight to see who gets the crumb first…and christopher usually gets pissed cause the dogs are faster then him…’d think I never fed any of them..

  2. nookie says:

    the dogs are allowed into the kitchen if i’ve had a major disaster and spilt stuff or the cats have knocked stuff down……I could spend 30mins cleaning up ? or 1.89sec to allow the three gluttons at it. not overly hygenic but works for me 🙂

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