I am shocked and embarassed

My french pal, in fact my only pal in france, has today announced he has purchased a wood burner, second hand but still good. I was interested for him as you tend to do. Asking where he’ll instal it and he’s standing in my living room pointing……. “yes but i dont have a wood burner”, he then said “you do now” !!!!!!!!!!!! so sad he was how i suffered this last winter and affraid i’ll not stay for the next, he got the fire for me! I feel like crying that is so nice of him……

there are some genuinley nice people in this rotten country… not many but see 🙂


4 Responses to I am shocked and embarassed

  1. chanda95 says:

    nookie…that’s WONDERFUL!!!! If I could go over and give your friend a big hug I would. He sounds like a really, really nice person…I am happy for you nookie. Now you can have hot water too!!! And is it one you can cook off? I have a wood stove and I love it..it really keeps the house warm.


  2. chanda95 says:

    Oh and don’t be embarrassed..be grateful..not many people have such nice friends in this world nookie.

  3. nookie says:

    i’ve seen it today and its enormous! i think too big seriously too big. but we see, i still think hes the best guy ever to do this for me.

  4. chanda95 says:

    So just don’t build as big of a fire. It certainly is a huge help and will give you so much more comfort than you have had…There are so many more options for you now…Our woodstove is big too..it has a flat surface on the top so when you lose power or (if you ever did lose gas) you can take the top off and use it like a stove…there is always potatoes cooking in the ashes too..

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