Words for the week

another helping from the dictionary. To note; many words look Latin or French, for good reason – much of the English language originated from these languages.

Parenteral – not intestinal (correction)
Parenthetically – beside, beyond
Motser – a large amount of money
Parasuicide – harmful act against oneself eg; drug overdose.
Gyre carline – a witch
Vomitory – door/exit for a crowd to exit
Congeries – false (french conneries = bullshit)
Sourdine – a mute
Meith – a landmark
Ivresse – drunkenness
Melomania – a craze for music
Neddy – a donkey or fool
Zoitria – veterinary surgery

more next week

phrase for ChandaWell as some might say arguing on the internet is like competing in the Special Olympics – even if you win you are still retarded. – saw it and had to post it 🙂


2 Responses to Words for the week

  1. chanda95 says:

    Absolutely the truth!!!! lol…thank god I didn’t argue with them! Well..not much anyway..

    vomitory…I suppose it does make sense. We have just gotten so used to saying the word vomit for..well..you know…but everything (in crowd like masses) IS exiting our body at that point soooo…no need to elaborate any further..

    Parenteral I thought was interesting…I would like to know where that particular word/definition got it’s origins from…

  2. nookie says:

    it was a huge typing error reading in the half light sorry. i’ve corrected it. from the greek comes ‘para’ which means beside.

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