OMG this made me feel lots iffy clicky linky here

apart from not liking heights at all, i’m amazed at whoever or why this was built……….. extraordinary

sorry words for the week is late, i’ll get around to it promise XX


2 Responses to OMG this made me feel lots iffy

  1. chanda95 says:

    That made me sick to my stomach to see all those idiots out there on it…lets see..concern for personal safety not an issue?

    And does Spain not have enough money to maintain trails such as that..if not shouldn’t they condemn them? Or..I is a form of population control.

    It almost looks like a former “touristy” destination that fell into disrepair..

  2. nookie says:

    i think its long been condemed and sealed off as so many idiots keep falling off………… clearly not stopping them then! i would scream freeze and have to be airlifted off that walkway, plus they’d have to surgically remove my limbs from anything i could find to cling on to!!!!!!!

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