dozy retarded old git

I go out to get petrol and end up stressed! why?

tiny supermarket auto petrol pump…….. a car is blocking the only pump…. the car is empty! I wait and wait and wait and then decide its time i tested the car horn…… which i do a lot of testing LOTS AND LOTS! 100yrs is the supermarket entrance and out hobbles some dozy old fuck-tard of a man….. he attempts to look annoyed at ‘ME’….. he’d gone to do his shopping “what the fuck”? so his day was made being screamed at and called an old cunt in front of everyone!!! who in the family got the brain for the day one wonders?


3 Responses to dozy retarded old git

  1. chanda95 says:

    stuff like that pisses me off. I’ve had people park in front of the ONLY diesel pump JUST so they can run inside and get snacks and goodies…pisses me off…at one point I got so mad I pulled by big ass truck so close to her stinking little car that her passenger couldn’t get in and she had to back up to let them in…OH WELL…those pumps are there for a REASON…they have designated parking spots..USE THEM

  2. chanda95 says:

    oh..and by my doing that she looked at me all nasty like I was the bad person…so the hell what…I wasn’t the idiot..

    I feel your pain nookie..seems idiots are not just isolated to France or the US…they have them everywhere…:0(

  3. nookie says:

    there are times i wish i has a big-ass-truck so i could just run their shitty little cars into the tarmac! with the owners still inside!!!! stupidity at levels of arrogance they have no right to be.

    i’ve had to stand on the brakes at junctions when car ‘drift’ out and then wont speed up! I’m behind a vagina hair off the rear end honking like mad, fucking people one day i’ll not bother braking. learnt early on the french HATE being honked at 🙂 in these here parts they get that A LOT and the middle digit. WTF is wrong with people? engage gear, dissengage brain! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    parking places at supermarkets FFS even worse, and I WILL damage their cars in they park so close i cant then get in, after i parked between the lines and they just lob the car in the general direction. I do get in trust me, often needing the door being smashed hard hard HARD into their car side, and of me deciding large hard objects need to now be rearanged inside the car, needing them to be dragged down their car etc etc.

    Did i tell you the time i had to STAND on the hood of a car to get a wheelchair in the back? my passenger handicapped, i was in the correct place, but some cunt parked 1″ off my rear end! I’d got clear wheelchair signs in all windows inc rear. NOT intending to wait I put my passenger in the car, dragged the wheelchair on the hood of the other car, slipped and had to STAMP a great big dent in it, had to stamp twice in fact to make it nice and expensive, then dismantled the chair, scraping it all over the hood. was watched by many people open mouthed. fuck em! unreal people really are plain scum.

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