decorating your house > in france

July 15, 2009

i’d wondered why the french only ever decorate the once – lifetime of house. they live with floral shite vinyl paper dating to the 50s and think it accepable. no fucking taste!

today i’m looking at paint – boring common white mat wall paint. in UK this would be about 10£ for 5L. So an unknown (who gives a shit) mark should be about the same price….. you’d think.


49.99€ (45£) for 5L ARE THEY FUCKING MAD???? It covers 12sqm….. worked out i’d need 7 and thats not doing the ceilings of the living room either………………… 3 4 9 € !!!!!!!!!!!!! seriously they can piss off! I’d be cheaper to return to UK by car and load up there even with petrol and autoroute charges.

PS that price was an ultra discount DIY store. Local store wanted 39€ for 2.5L (78€ for 5L)

fuck right off.


power updates

July 13, 2009

i have managed to find someone to help with the battery charging. I would also like to mention that the bastard who offered then refused to help and even wrote ‘merde’ on my battery charger …………… he died! drank hilmself to death! oh well what comes around eh?

very few updates or information to add, i’ve found twitter and blogging is quite different there, it great fun.

news soon xx