No updates?

May 1, 2009

well no, and i’m not sorry. I’ve had troubles and hassles from the builders bailiff 4 yrs after they FAILED to legally finish the house to correct standard or to the build permit…; he was chased the fuck out of the street and i do SHOUT very loudly. I refuse to have people demand my details at my own frontdoor ‘go fuck yourself’ and anything more to be said will be in court and NOT FRENCH COURTS – untrustworthy and incompetent.

The the tax office using the traditional french tactics to avoid doing anything ‘keep the victim the victim’ they are now passing my refusal to pay land tax tothe courts. I wont pay as more than 80% of the land i own is crisscrossed with public services that should NOT be there! meaning the land is not contructable and should not be taxed thus! Furthermore I demand rental for the use of my land and the removal of the services before I GET BORED one day with a pickaxe!!!! In order to NOT even give a fucking shit about me they have passed it to recovery and bank account siezure ! all learnt lots of fresh new english words to brighten their day!!! I’ll not be bullied and i’ll not be the victim to their fucking incompetences!ù


Thus realising that france really is a fucking crap country full of inert, paranoid, spiteful,jealous, envious, retarded gossips – i’ve had an estate agent here today 🙂 I’m balanced on what to do? he’ll look into if the house can be sold if not it has no vlaue and only the land can be sold, which has no value due to public services!!!!

The deal is I’m gonna try to get out and fast and FUCK FRANCE!

Should I not be able to sell the house then i’ll demolish it and leave the remains to rot!

I’ll have to abandon my lovely garden, and I’m pulling my hair out what the hell I do with my animals? They have to come with me, and I do think I will have to return to England.

We see, I just hope the house can be sold. Either way i got a fur family to do something with and this is making me ill thinking it over.

so no updates here, i’m in thought mode.

let you know as and when



amusing things

April 16, 2009



more kittens

April 16, 2009

little baby Bob (half tail feral) had three tiny tiny kittens in the night 🙂 grey/white tabby/white and toitoseshell/white. not yet got close enough to see what sexes they are, she freaks when you get too close.

we see then decide names……….


March 31, 2009

if this is true, they can go fuck theirselves
clicky linky bastards

Got bored, found a site to make GIF pics on

March 26, 2009

really easy to do, but the pics have to be slightly better (sync) than mine are…..

enjoy the cats (two of them)

Cats have standards too you know.?

March 26, 2009

So i cooked some jam tarts, and the cats tried to steal them (of course) got told off and i hid them. Next batch out of the oven and i was snakky so shoved one in my mouth, and we all know how hot jam/preserves can get? I spat it out along with a good coating of the burnt innerds of my mouth……….. it landed right about where the cats where sitting, and the faces! the look of disgust, the almost “how dare you” or “exactly what do you call that”? So happy to steal them when red hot yet not eat one i’ve suffered pain to cool for you AND saved you most of the effort of masticating!

I put fresh water down everyday for the cats to ignore, they’ll sample it perhaps but no they dont like it. They do like however drinking from the toilet or outside there are several water bowls normally green water and the odd dead leaf included as a garnish……. that they cant get enough of. Perhaps I could no bother changing the water and just lift the loo seat eh?

Kittie names

March 16, 2009

Ok so baby Bob has 3 kitties last year that died (except the one i accidentally killed, and will never forgive myself)


This year baby Bob, not my cat, yet now resident, looks to have been puss shagged again, shes nesting but not obviously to the eye pregnant yet. I’m thinking of names, so far I got…


Dexter (late entry)

depending on what she has of course, and if i’m even here when she does.