power updates

July 13, 2009

i have managed to find someone to help with the battery charging. I would also like to mention that the bastard who offered then refused to help and even wrote ‘merde’ on my battery charger …………… he died! drank hilmself to death! oh well what comes around eh?

very few updates or information to add, i’ve found twitter and blogging is quite different there, it great fun.

news soon xx


No updates?

May 1, 2009

well no, and i’m not sorry. I’ve had troubles and hassles from the builders bailiff 4 yrs after they FAILED to legally finish the house to correct standard or to the build permit…; he was chased the fuck out of the street and i do SHOUT very loudly. I refuse to have people demand my details at my own frontdoor ‘go fuck yourself’ and anything more to be said will be in court and NOT FRENCH COURTS – untrustworthy and incompetent.

The the tax office using the traditional french tactics to avoid doing anything ‘keep the victim the victim’ they are now passing my refusal to pay land tax tothe courts. I wont pay as more than 80% of the land i own is crisscrossed with public services that should NOT be there! meaning the land is not contructable and should not be taxed thus! Furthermore I demand rental for the use of my land and the removal of the services before I GET BORED one day with a pickaxe!!!! In order to NOT even give a fucking shit about me they have passed it to recovery and bank account siezure ! all learnt lots of fresh new english words to brighten their day!!! I’ll not be bullied and i’ll not be the victim to their fucking incompetences!ù


Thus realising that france really is a fucking crap country full of inert, paranoid, spiteful,jealous, envious, retarded gossips – i’ve had an estate agent here today 🙂 I’m balanced on what to do? he’ll look into if the house can be sold if not it has no vlaue and only the land can be sold, which has no value due to public services!!!!

The deal is I’m gonna try to get out and fast and FUCK FRANCE!

Should I not be able to sell the house then i’ll demolish it and leave the remains to rot!

I’ll have to abandon my lovely garden, and I’m pulling my hair out what the hell I do with my animals? They have to come with me, and I do think I will have to return to England.

We see, I just hope the house can be sold. Either way i got a fur family to do something with and this is making me ill thinking it over.

so no updates here, i’m in thought mode.

let you know as and when


camera settings (leave it alone)

April 26, 2009

Today my camera was fucking about and wouldnt focus DAMN! but no i notice the settings had been changed, not one but lots of buttons and dials shifted.

last person to touch the camera had asked to see a photo, they were shown that on the rear screen, but grabbed it to have a closer look, and obviously decided to have fiddle too!

next time no one touches it! if you dont understand then leave the fucking thing alone! i hate this and always hawk eye anyone near my stuff for this exact reason, but this time i was feeding my animals and missed it.


April 19, 2009

so i joined and thought “what do you do?” and suddenly people follow your messages, and you start to follow others. In the space of a week I’m really liking it. you cant type more than 140 letters so the messages have to be concise and limited. Its quite enough to msg/chat and i’ve found some quite funny and amusing people to follow and chat to. Twitter is like an instant messenger yet you send messages to all and direct that all can still view. Quite an odd concept but seems to work.

I think i can add a widget to this blog to link twitter? i’ll have a look soon.

security warning poster

April 17, 2009

terrorismNOT edited by me btw!

OMG this made me feel lots iffy

April 15, 2009

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JM_SbAs5lxE clicky linky here

apart from not liking heights at all, i’m amazed at whoever or why this was built……….. extraordinary

sorry words for the week is late, i’ll get around to it promise XX

Aspergers or Autism test

April 1, 2009

clicky linky here I did the test and rated 28! Borderline autistic, and i thought i was just plain anti-social

see how you perform