decorating your house > in france

July 15, 2009

i’d wondered why the french only ever decorate the once – lifetime of house. they live with floral shite vinyl paper dating to the 50s and think it accepable. no fucking taste!

today i’m looking at paint – boring common white mat wall paint. in UK this would be about 10£ for 5L. So an unknown (who gives a shit) mark should be about the same price….. you’d think.


49.99€ (45£) for 5L ARE THEY FUCKING MAD???? It covers 12sqm….. worked out i’d need 7 and thats not doing the ceilings of the living room either………………… 3 4 9 € !!!!!!!!!!!!! seriously they can piss off! I’d be cheaper to return to UK by car and load up there even with petrol and autoroute charges.

PS that price was an ultra discount DIY store. Local store wanted 39€ for 2.5L (78€ for 5L)

fuck right off.


Damn it

May 14, 2009

so totally mad and confused now. So much to do and doing. But people demand favors seeing how busy i am and get nasty i have to refuse. Result a flat refusal to charge my battery knowing its my only power supply. W t f is wrong with french? Its like control freak children. Cannot use pc now so doing this from a mobile phone. It might multi post a lot? Done before dunno why.

so we are in a recession…..

March 25, 2009

…. the UK is about to suffer DEFLATION which is seriously bad stuff. No one has money to waste in France and the local supermarket have taken the glum events to advertise how their “saver card” previously only gaining points on own brand products, will now be extended to all products!! yay etc


sneeky bastards have upped the prices on EVERYTHING 8-12% today!!fucking bastards and i called the manager that! since 2008 prices, with this sneeky one, have upped over 100% …………; they can stuff their ‘helping the shopper” right up their arse holes! this sort of thing pisses me off so much, they must think ‘we’ are morons – a 5% point/value bonus on the ‘selected items’ each day means they gain 3-7% anyway and 8-12% on everything else; i’m beside myself at this devious advertising and taking advantage of the situation many people live in. fuck them, i’ll use another store now….. even if it cost me 5% more gaz to get there i’m still saving.


March 24, 2009

I feel dumn as dish water. a contact (italian) is a doctor of linguistics and although speaks perfect english, he often does not feel his written is very good. He emailed me a huge doccument to proof read, and i’ve found only grammatical errs so far…. to give you a taste however, and seriously this stuff is so far over my head I dont understand what i’m reading, but heres a little taster: a wild cut and paste out of it……:::

constitutes a piece of general information about the world relative to a given perspective, which does not directly refer to any particular entity or object, nor is it specific to particular ostensive entities.
Infons are built according to situation theory: they have a location which is made up of a couple of indices anchoring the event/state/processes to a given spatiotemporal location and a polarity. A basic infon consists of a relation together with a polarity; which in turn consists of an assignment of appropriate arguments to the argument roles of that relation.
In our system, facts may describe information relative to a subjective or an objective discourse domain: subjective facts are thus computable as situations viewed from the perspective of a given agent’s mind, in our case also corresponding to the Main Topic of discourse. On the contrary, objective facts are reported from the perspective of the text’s author. However, to highlight the difference existing between subjective and objective information in the model, we decided to call facts only objective infons; subjective infons

Words for the week

March 22, 2009

almost forgot;

Benjamin – an old overcoat
Charnel-house – storage place for bones thrown up by grave robbers (infinate uses this one)
Fictile – to form or fashion
Libken – place of abode
Presignify – intimidate beforehand
Succedaneum – substitute
Larrup – flog or thrash
Solus – alone



March 20, 2009

I again spent the entire day in the garden, yet could not tell you waht i actually did….. I was thinking and mooching.

I’m feeling very miserable and let down, also fucking angry and pissed off.

I cleaned a huge pile of laundry. cold water and hand washing ;'( Its not easy to wash jeans or pull-overs, its a pig to get the water out. I have a really big bucked that i wash stuff in, the detergent makes my skin sore, the cold as feck water hardly gets the dirt out of the clothes. Guess they’ll smell fresher even if not very clean.

Thats my point, my clothes are not clean, i’ve a fungus infection on my feet coz they are not clean, when i do wash me the water is not hot and i can only get a small bucket of water warm-ish. Its not enough to do much but wipe the dirt around. 18 months i live like a bum, i now look like a bum and smell like a bum.

I’m feeling very low

Netbook returns :) Acer sent my snatch-top back

March 12, 2009

Repaired or in fact replaced the fan unit. Seems they found a newer version that is higher pitched and even more annoying than the grating grinding fucked up original.

They updated the bois ‘they said’. why? but i guess no harm.

They have failed to mention the warping and obviously done fuck all about it either. So now I have to get stressy doing another email in order to remind them of customer services and that responding to all faults and complaints in the first place would have saved them being torn a new arse hole by electronic mail.

Being France I dont expect action too fast, but let’s see eh? Oh and they made it very clear when I sent it to them that I must use lots of protective wrap etc etc . this was done. and yet they returned it lobbed in a bigger box with fuck all protection just knocking about inside BASTARDS:!!!!!!!!!!!!!