Words for the week

April 19, 2009

terse – smooth, concise
sough – sewer, drain
bint – girl or woman (any form in an insulting way)
agnomen – name added to a family name
leish – supple, athletic
patois – illiterate or local dialect
venator – hunter, huntsman
venery – sexual indulgence
venery² – hunting

enjoy especially those that enjoy venery activities……


Words for the week very late indeed

April 15, 2009

patroclinic – inherited from the farther
dree – to endure
mensal – monthly
inorganic – accidental, not normally developed
ananke – necessity
eassil – eastward
hoiden – tomboy
patch – a fool, a booby
probity – moral integrity


Words for the week

April 4, 2009

another bumped edition of words you may want to try and slide into conversations?

Drent – obsolete
Billabong -cut off river loop only filled during floods
Pettitoes – pigs feet as food (vile)
Ria – a normally drowned valley
Shivoo – a noisy party
Politesse – superficial politeness
Leal – true-hearted, faithful
Pavid – timid
Erudite – a learned person (note; learned said ler-ned)


Words for the week

March 30, 2009

another helping from the dictionary. To note; many words look Latin or French, for good reason – much of the English language originated from these languages.

Parenteral – not intestinal (correction)
Parenthetically – beside, beyond
Motser – a large amount of money
Parasuicide – harmful act against oneself eg; drug overdose.
Gyre carline – a witch
Vomitory – door/exit for a crowd to exit
Congeries – false (french conneries = bullshit)
Sourdine – a mute
Meith – a landmark
Ivresse – drunkenness
Melomania – a craze for music
Neddy – a donkey or fool
Zoitria – veterinary surgery

more next week

phrase for ChandaWell as some might say arguing on the internet is like competing in the Special Olympics – even if you win you are still retarded. – saw it and had to post it 🙂

Words for the week

March 16, 2009

Carminative – expelling flatulence
Decollate – behead
Kennel – a street gutter (alternate ² meaning)
Mickle – a great quantity
Paragraphia – writing of wrong words or letters
Sanies – discharge from wounds or sores
Subshrub – low growing shrub
Malengine – evil device, bad


Words for the week

March 9, 2009

another trawl through the dictionary to bring you;

Expiscate – to find out by skilful means
Humect – to make moist
Mome – buffoon or blockhead
Cosmopolitics – world politics
Petrissage – massage
Dissight – an unsightly object
Cribriform – perforated

lastly to remind those that insist on using ‘N’ in place of ‘and’

Ampersand – and;
One of my pet hates is people printing adverts eg; “spend N save” .. to me that would be ‘spend nerr save’ its not english its fucking lazy use an ampersand (&)



Words for the week

March 1, 2009

Brigue – Intrigue
Interglossa – international language based on greek and latin
Exempli Gratis – example or eg
Thrutch – to press, shove or crush
Wunderkind – child prodigy
Mirligoes – dizziness
Exclave – part of a country enclosed in foreign territory (eg: Spanish town of Llivia which in actually in France)
Tertius Gaudet – 3rd person who takes advantage from a dispute between others.

Lastly I bring you a word perhaps you might want to try on your bank or mortgage lenders if they try to get crappy

Aspheterism – the denial of the right of private property