so i joined and thought “what do you do?” and suddenly people follow your messages, and you start to follow others. In the space of a week I’m really liking it. you cant type more than 140 letters so the messages have to be concise and limited. Its quite enough to msg/chat and i’ve found some quite funny and amusing people to follow and chat to. Twitter is like an instant messenger yet you send messages to all and direct that all can still view. Quite an odd concept but seems to work.

I think i can add a widget to this blog to link twitter? i’ll have a look soon.


One Response to Twitter………..

  1. chanda95 says:

    rofl…nookie…don’t let yourself become like that guy on that funny video you posted about twitter!

    I myself..still not been there..don’t really have any plans to go.

    I am glad your having fun with it nookie!!! :0)

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