Replace Linux with Windows XP on a netbook

January 31, 2009

For weeks I had trawled the internet to find the solution. LINUX SUCKS.

I no doubt will fuel fires in some people panities saying LINUX SUCKS…. and I dont care.

My original notebook; a lovely Acer Aspire One running Linux Linpus (shite). Interface looked good seemed to work well. The only tiny little glitch being: IT IS NOT COMPATABLE with anything hardware…. anything!!

Linux is an OS system that looks a lot like Windows. Developed by people (nerds) who obviously thought Microsoft did not deserve the exclusive coverage it does. I’m all for competition. So you develop something to look like the system you all say its nothing like…. good move. Then you see you got it wrong. Its almost windowsy except the need to find hidden input interfaces to type COMMANDS!!!! Its like using fucking DOS….. no worse, DOS does not have KNOMES or GNUs and other spaced out drug induced names given by their developers.

Linux fans would argue that the Linux OS is much faster to boot-up. Indeed it is, and I’m going to clearly regret scrubbing Linux and using XP. The 2.5seconds extra windows takes to boot is a fact of life i’ll have to face!!!

Godzilla.. motzerela whatever the fuck you call it. looks like internet explorer. I read pages of shit about how stable and secure it is . I’m glad for you really I am. I am even happier that internet explorer with all its security issues is once again my browser however.

XP had to be loaded via a USB key due to lack of CD/DVD on a notebook pc. . have lots of useful information to guide you through the proceedure. and how to purchase the USB flash drive.

So I now have two notebooks ….. yay. The Acer keyboard is usable and it will be the one I use for portability. The Acer spec being very low did lend itself to the equally low end Linux. However the difference between the Acer and the Asus (twice the spec) is minmal. The Acer is FASTER can you believe that 🙂 ?

No doubt you Linux fans will be throwing toys from your prams to read how I disliked your OS system. I’m so awfully sorry for you. The market share windows-linux was already against you. Netbooks cant run with Vista (big fuck off memory zapping ones can) the rest cant, so XP is really hard to find to wipe out Linux. I expect Windows7 will put the final boot-out to Linux systems.



The garden 2008

January 27, 2009

So I been working on the garden since 2007.  and now you can see what it looks like only one year later(2008 pics). Neighbours spend thousands importing soil and stone and producing typical french gardens (parking grass 2 shit geraniums for summer) mine aint nothing like those.

I was advised my soil is rubbish etc etc blah french crap etc. It might ‘look’ crap but its fertile. 

all materials are re-used.  stone was dug out of the old railways TONS and TONS it took months with only a pick and spade.  The entire garden was created using an original plan my dear departed Mum designed.  I am exceptionally happy.  The house looks great (from the outside).  I hope 2009 will see it mature with added speed and vigor…..

illness Panic attacks

January 26, 2009

My illness has not given up…  bugger it.  Panic attacks, heated flushes…  really heated.  Freezing feet and hands, sick, hot, cold, shake.  You get the picture.

I’ve decided its stress related causing a nervocity of the stomach and or intestines.

I got stressed the other day, over nothing more than having to wait for some thick daft cunt to work faster than water evaporates (post office french person).  I flushed hot, and I burn my chest was roasting and panic started.  At home the internet failed (actually already was down 5days) I had to ring some patronising git, where of course its my PC etc etc.   Shouting at said git its not my PC its your servers as 2 internet keys and 2 mobile phones cant connect to the net refused at your server WHY? 

I got  nowhere, french people never admit fault, they spend hours wasting precious oxygen in order to tell you its not their fault and even if it was they have no responsibility anyway.    In other words; ‘they dont give a fuck either way’

Very very soon after I panicked almost threw up and …..    i was ill and as usual convinced i’ll be found dead alone with no one to help.  The things the mind does to you.  I’m no doctor as I suspect neither is my actual doctor.  So now I’m eating soft easy foods, refusing to deal with anything stressy.  Taking bucket loads of magnesium and some stuff to remove the gas from stomach.  I feel a bit better.  Not great but I’ve been ill as shit since October (winter depression, and worry over cold etc)  wonders?

Well I am starting this year off on a new note.   “Pass the fucking stress on”  if I have to get sressed out over stuff then I’m sure as hell gonna ensure some other bugger gets to enjoy it also.

fuck ’em.

Describe the “FRENCH” using only one word…

January 26, 2009


Social Services maison phenix

January 26, 2009

You may or may not know the circumstances/situation I live in.  Complicated and upsetting.  Results are ; unfinished house, no gas, water or electricity.  No bathroom or kitchen or floors even…….  kind of a cowshed cleverly disguised as a house my the constructors ‘constructors mmmmm’ Maison Phenix .    They are crooked bastards to who I intend to bring ruination to.  I intend to be their nemesis.


The french did fuck all to help me and its been YEARS now.  I wrote to my embassy.  I’m cold and dirty and I cant connect anything as certificates of conformity have never been released and officially this house does not even exist. Its been SOOOOO cold -8  for almost a week then it dropped to -12.8° (uses new posh phone to convert)  8.96f.   Inside it went down to 5.4° ( 41.72f)  COLD.   I’m in one room the poor dogs are freezing no heat.  I stink as its too cold to get my bits out to try and wash trust me.

My letter prompted a surprise Social Service visit….  nice freeeeezing cold day two smiling twats at the door.  Invited in and told keep your coats on.  I dont get out of my bed or bedroom when its just this cold. Shocked they where, investigation and nosing around the house continued the shockiness.  Then the comment ‘we thought you where joking’   “WTF  hellllo”  No I dont joke this is my life enjoy….  I wash my clothes in a bucket or rain water, I look like some escaped lunatic unwashed and unkept.  I enjoy it really I do…..  FFS.  They decided the house was totally uninhabitable and steps must be urgently taken to re-house me.    An apartment (studio) size of a shoe box with a kitchen-ette.  I stop them and mention ANIMALS……  the two twats say “oh no animals”   So they are thanked and told to fuck off.  Again they realise I am serious and I dont give in.   I have had several calls on my posh new phone now, where it would seem that embassy letter is causing the french some trouble. 

I’ll keep you posted on advancements.   Although do please keep in the mind that species evolve faster thatn the french work.

Have to share

January 26, 2009

Pinched off someones blog I saw someplace, cant remember so cant dedicate.

hobart the cat

My New Netbook (snatch-top)

January 26, 2009

Deciding the mobile phone was just well ………..  possible yet impossible to use.  Things had to be done.  I got a Snatch-top 🙂  You know the PC thats like a really small Lap-top (notebook).  Sort of sits on your snatch….

Amazing little thing it is too.  Huge memory and really fast.

EEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeee PC ass-anus .   I’m not knocking it I’m really happy.  Not at all expensive but …..  they keyboard OFFS (oh for fuck sake) I cant use it, I’ve had to get an external and plug that in.  I’m not a pecking bird and I cant type like hungry chickens feeding.  Not least if the keys got smaller?  Using AZERTY I have to added bonus of a fucking half sized ‘M’ in order to allow for the ‘extra’ key  ‘ù’    Impressed???  I’m not, what the fuck do you ever need ‘ù’ ?????  

Also external mouse as I just never have been able to wipe my fingers across that special panel and make like a mouse does.  I have tried but its SO EFFIN SMALL  I’m scratching away rubbing skin off in a heated attempted to reach the other side of the screen.

Snatch-top excellent idea ………..   except above.

Internet again 🙂     Not via DSL or the like but EDGE (mean something or other) supposed to be 3G+ but thats called HSDPA now.   EDGE is the lesser but quite fast enough, often called 2G.  I connect on the mobilephone network.  the restriction is 5GB a month and no P2P ….  bang goes my downloading porn then.

Got another new mobile phone (in the sales this month i aint that rich).  Another amazing little thing.   Takes pictures play video, got a 2GB memory, connects to the pc…. where I have been lumping in lots of fave songs.  You can even save your voice or anyone elses as a ‘ringtone’ anything you like as a ‘wallpaper’.  It plays radio and the music player plays no head phone.  Huge fun lots to do and I lashed out 3 bucks to download patience game.  Nookie is content .     Oh it makes calls too.